Commerce for Umbraco Alpha Release

We are excited to announce that we released the v1.0 Alpha package on 8 May 2008.  You can find it at the project's home on CodePlex.  We'd be thrilled if you would take the time to evaluate the package and provide us your feedback, either in the form of very useful issue and bug reports or in the also useful (but not quite as) general feedback.  Please take two-minutes and read through the brief document we've provided so you know what to expect - this being an Alpha release and all.

We are quite proud of Commerce for Umbraco and feel that it provides a viable choice for commerce scenarios on Umbraco. 

Kudos go to Tim Geyssens and Matt Perry for significant (and excellent) contributions to the project. 

Look for the Beta release on 22 May 2009 and we'll see you at Umbraco Codegarden 2009 in Copenhagen for the v1.0 release.


2 comment(s) for “Commerce for Umbraco Alpha Release”

  1. Gravatar of Per Ploug Hansen
    Per Ploug Hansen Says:
    Awesome work paul, congrats on getting the alpha out.
    Looking forward to trying it out
  2. Gravatar of Ativan
    Ativan Says:
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