Niels Hartvig on Five Keys for Open Source Startups

Following is a sidebar from an interview Niels Hartvig did with Prosabladet in the 4 April, 2009 edition. nh-family(  I used Google Translate to get the bulk of the translation as the original work is Danish-only, but added some content where the translation was ambiguous.


1 - You are never more than in the start-up phase. Learn the basics of place in the beginning. Write documentation - the devil! I never finished it. Umbraco would be twice as prevalent if there had been proper focus on evidence. 

2 - Be 100 percent open about everything in the project. It's no disgrace not to make money in the beginning of the project. If you are honest about it, you'll go to the the users and they'll give you that. 

3 - Be clear why you want to build a open-source project. The good reasons are to be more capable and to get more input and to create software jointly with others. 

4 - Sit down and carefully review the license options.  Do not just take GPL because all others do. 

5 - If it is a commercial project then get a trademark. It is the only asset you have. You need this to obtain a share of the profits from training companies, etc., which wish to use the trademark. If you don't, people will stand and laugh at you.

5 1/2 - Have a natural user environment. Low team meetings and conferences - it is easy. Write it on your blog.

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